Gail Timmerman-Vaughan


Double Hill painting

Woolshed Hill seen from Turton's Saddle, 2015, watercolour, 570 x 287 mm (giclee available)

Craigieburns painting

Craigieburn range with Mt Cheeseman, 2016, watercolour, 570 x 253 mm (giclee available)

Split Apple Rock painting

Split Apple Rock, Nelson, 2012, watercolour, 465 x 208 mm

Mt Owen painting

Mt Owen, Kahurangi, 2011, watercolour, 507 x 460 mm

Sealers Beach coloured pencil drawing

Sealer's Beach, Fiordland, 2009, coloured pencil, 380 x 210 mm

Mt Technical painting

Mt Technical with tarn, Lewis Pass, 2016, watercolour, 580 x 285 mm