Gail Timmerman-Vaughan

lichen and landscape art

A selection of my watercolour paintings.

If you like my work well enough to want to live with one, feel free to contact me. Most of the works are for sale as originals, and a few of them have been high-resolution scanned and set up for production of beautiful giclee prints.

Here are three recently completed watercolours.

red lichen on two sticks

Haematomma alpinum from the Maniatoto, 2018, watercolour, 334 x 280 mm

cairn on Waingaro saddle

Many have been here before - a cairn on Waingaro Saddle, 2018, watercolour, 470 x 273 mm

the bivvy in Nardoo basin

Nardoo basin and bivvy, 2018, watercolour, 557 x 332 mm